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On-Site Facilities

INFORMATION POINT: This will be at the Secretary’s Office in Field 1.

BAR FACILITIES:  Bar Facilities are provided on site by Anthony’s Inn.  The Bar is located beside the Catering Marquee in Field 2.

CATERING ON SITE: will be providing Catering facilities on site. Breakfast will be available from 7.30am in the Catering Marquee. A variety of food will be available throughout the Show Grounds. Please adhere to Page 4 in the Catalogue for guideline food prices in the Fast Food Vehicles.

LOST CHILDREN: We would encourage everyone to have an agreed meeting point in place, in case children get separated from their minders. We will have wristbands available inside the main gate & we encourage all minder’s to write the minder’s mobile number on the wristband & secure it to the child’s hand


MEDICAL CENTRE: Emergency services will be provided at a few locations & also at the Medical Centre at the main office.

TOILETS: These are located throughout the grounds

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